Tiaan & Alicia – Wedding


Their laughter and animated expressions made my job so much fun!

Tiaan and Alicia are both short people… but their physical size is the only thing short about them! They both have looong stories to tell about how they got where they are today – as individuals and as a couple. They have a long list of people dear to them and an ‘oh-so-very-long’ list of the most amazing memories together…No doubt about it – this day was added to that long list as a favourite memory.

The autumn leaves was only one of the many beautiful backdrops to choose from for this picture perfect Green Leaves Wedding Venue, where their attention to detail was noticeable in everything they did.

I had so much fun at this wedding. It really was a bunch of great people together and everyone enjoyed the celebration! Tiaan and Alicia both have very playful personalities. And their laughter and animated expressions made my job so much fun!

In all the fun, there were a few moments of silent eye contact and tears – for a wedding will always be more than just celebrations… A supernatural connection takes place that stirs the souls of those knitting hearts.

Tiaan and Alicia: May this be the beginning of a long love story filled with lots of love, excitement, laughter and the right people – just like on your wedding day. You are two beautiful people with a gift to lighten the atmosphere. Society needs more people like you! Thank you for the privilege to share in your fun!

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 Venue/food: Green Leaves (Stable) Wedding coordinators: Green leaves   Florist: NDM Weddings
Decor: NDM Weddings   Cake: Let them eat cake  DJ: Starry night
Hair: Fringe Hair (Shagne)   Make-up: Blink Beauty   Wedding Dress: Callegra Bridal House (Casey Jane)
Bridesmaids Dresses: Forever New Suit: Barouch (Sam) Invitations & Stationery: My Wedding Online


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