The Blue Little Owl House


Blue Little Owl House is Opportunity and Breakthrough.


Janine Terblanche

Two very powerful words that comes to mind when I think about this amazing lady and her brand, 
The Blue Little Owl House is Opportunity and Breakthrough.


Most of the time the opportunity or breakthrough is in that one extra coffee, that one extra step, the one silent moment, the one single phone call, the one simple meeting, the one creative thought… one… just one more…

Janine is a person of one more… one more idea, making sure everything is covered and your needs are met in every area. Her service and designs are not a job – it’s so personal – it’s making visions come alive, perfecting ideas and bringing together confused outlines and drafts.

Janine has been my personal graphic designer for the last few years and have made multiple dreams and visions I had come alive. She is the most professional & thorough person I have ever met… you share a few thoughts and she comes up with ideas you can only get excited about! She is so experienced and creative… but super practical and always thinking of everything.

This shoot was such a privilege. I am blessed to call you my friend and creative mind that brings everything to life…


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