Stefan and Carla

Matt 19:6 – “So then they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together let no man separate.”

Stefan and Carla got married on a family farm in Clarens. The scenic mountains and beautiful, blue skies were almost surreal. The day was full of surprises – the biggest one being Carla’s wedding dress, which she kept a secret (literally locked away in a closet!) from everyone; even from her mother. While she was adorning herself with this secret, Stefan and his groomsmen were making themselves handsome on the other side of the mountain. This bunch made sure all of us were wearing smiles the entire day. The joy of the Lord was present in all the friendly people and the jokes flying around. What an amazing time with Stefan and Carla! They are such a godly pair and a great example of a couple that pursued purity. God’s blessing definitely rests upon them. I will never forget this breath-taking day!


 Venue: Andes Clarens Flowers: Marlise Blignaut   Suit: Your Pal in Brooklyn
Dress: Ana, Paula Brides   Hair: Hair affair Bethlehem  Makeup: Marlise, Niins health and skincare clinic
Ties: Theron & Theron   Jewelry: Carins Jewellery Bloemfontein   Video: Natasja


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