Bordeaux and Simone – Engagement


Menlyn Main was the perfect backdrop for this stylish couple.

Simone and Bordeaux are one creative couple. They create things – beautiful things – that inspire people and bring them joy! However, they openly admit that – creative as they are – they could not create something so magical as the exceptional and unique love and connection between the two of them. All the credit for this beautiful design goes to God!

Simone is a beaut and Bordeaux has a way of making her laugh which was my favourite part of taking pictures of them. He gets her to be silly with him and then they enjoy the moment together! 

Menlyn Main was the perfect backdrop for this stylish couple and I enjoyed how they managed to create a scene from every part of the mall – no couch, escalator, garden or wall was boring when it met their imagination. 

We had a great time together, but if you enjoy these pics – wait for the wedding! It is going to be truly exceptional!


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