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There is something sacred about taking pictures of wedding vows made in old churches…

I have had the privilege to see quite a few wedding venues and they are all so uniquely different. But there is something sacred about taking pictures of wedding vows made in old churches… The architecture and art of these buildings are so magnificent and it gets me thinking about the great amount of teamwork that goes into projects like these. Marriages also takes a great amount of teamwork. Mostly from a husband and wife, but also from their community. İt’s good teamwork that delivers magnificent projects that people can enjoy and appreciate.

It was exciting to see the community at this wedding. New and old friends coming together, young and old all included in the festivities. Relationships that has gone through thick and thin. And off course a lot of laughing. Everyone truly enjoyed the company of each other.

The way every detail matched perfectly proves that it was all hand-picked, especially for this special day. Wow, and what an amazing picture it made. From the decor, to stationary, to gifts and flowers – yet another example of amazing teamwork… A hand-full of suppliers working together to making a girls dream wedding come true.

Ruanco and Angelique: May you always remember that building something magnificent takes teamwork. May you build a marriage that is beautiful and inspiring to others. Allow enough time and effort to not only build a marriage that will last, but a marriage that inspires others. Because inspiring marriages makes flourishing communities!

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 Venue: The Wilds Lodge and Wedding Venue Wedding coordinator: Christa Howard 082 652 5579  Florist: Rene 082 899 4200
Décor: Décor Mechanics event designers 011 610 5945  Cake: Ina Tuisgebak 082 498 4456 Band/DJ: Tracks Unlimited 082 685 5633
Hair: Amone’ Howard 072 417 2593  Make-up: Amone’ Howard  Wedding dress: Timeless Bridal Couture
Bridesmaids dresses: Oriental Plaza Suit: Eurosuite Invites & statinery: My Wedding Online
Videography: Fascination Pictures – Cinematic Wedding Films, Daniel McGeer 072 203 3269  


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