Rossouw & Rosemarie – Wedding


Rosemarie and Rossouw’s wedding reminded me of all the reasons why I love being a wedding photographer.


A wedding celebration has always been a holy event to me and I loved how this couple and their family made God such a big part of the day.

This Godly, yet super fun wedding kicked off early morning with a very excited bride. Her girlfriends were doing her hair and make-up and making sure she feels and looks amazing. Rosemarie is just so comfortable in her own skin… Everybody is laughing and having fun around her, all the time. She allows people so close – which makes her bond with her people truly special.

The wedding ceremony started with the blow of a rams-horn that truly set the tone and gave me goosebumps. There were tears, big smiles and deep breaths – while good friends lead the guests into worship and everything was concluded with a beautiful prophetic word from the bride’s mother.

It was so beautiful to see how proud this couple’s parents are of who they are and how they embrace their uniqueness and absolute love for them.

But oh how this bride and bridegroom just absolutely love and adore each other… It was inspiring to see them just be together and a privilege to capture some of their fun moments.

Rossouw and Roos: I hope you get to look at these pictures many times to remind you of your perfect day – and even though it was too short, it was the perfect beginning to a journey that is never going to end. Always be different in as many ways as possible and allow God to keep on writing your love story – it is extraordinary.


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 Venue: Diamond Hill Wedding Venue Flowers: Heidi Gevers   Décor: Diamond Hill
Band/Video: Holistic   Make-up: Face by Geraldi Spurling  Wedding dress: Christa Loots


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