Rossouw and Roos – Engagement


These two people are truly God fearing people


Rosemarie en Rossouw is without a doubt the most entertaining couple I have ever worked with!

We got up early early one morning to catch the sunrise and afterwards went to the well known Maboneng city area to take pictures of this super in-love couple who’s wedding is coming up in November! I cant wait…

These two can laugh and be silly and make other people laugh. I was laughing more than anything else during the whole shoot! We were doing outfit changes and eating ice cream in the cold – trying to do serious shots that lasted only seconds before we were all laughing again!

This is not your average everyday couple… you can see it in the way they dress – hear it in the way they talk about life and each other and absolutely experience it in their presence.

Apart from the fact that they are so funny and entertaining… these two people are truly God fearing people… their relationship is built on God’s principles and they are not ashamed to say so!

Thanks for all the fun and laughter… making me laugh from my stomach even while editing the pictures! You made my job a joy!!!


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