Rickus and Aretha – Wedding


An all natural red head bride –  a uniquely beautiful woman with a unique style as well

I was excited when I got to the out-of-the-ordinary venue of Bell Amore. The chapel is stunning and I loved the different backdrops they created for both inside the venue and outside.
I was also excited to shoot my first red head bride… and I have to add, an all natural red head bride –  a uniquely beautiful woman with a unique style as well that definitely made this wedding somewhat special and different.
Even though this day was carefully planned… from flowers to decorations and all kinds of detail… I experienced the day as very simplistic which I truly enjoyed. Nothing unnecessary – and still everything came together so perfectly. Small things that stood out for me was, a beyond relaxed bride, her cute and comfortable shoes and socks, chilled out bridesmaids and few words.
Aretha has got a pretty strong personality and loves being truthful and honest… I love how she just pulls Rickus into her space and allows him to create a new space for both of them. They truly compliment each other and I can see how they can just be so good together… being both serious and silly.
Hey guys, keep on colouring each other’s lives and always allow one another to be true to yourselves… that’s what you were doing on your wedding day and it was something beautiful to experience.

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 Venue/food: Bell Amour Flowers: Renette Hamman-Nel (The Wedding Warehouse) Decor: The Wedding Warehouse
Dress: Peter Bondesio Couture Hair: Madelien Viljoen Burgers Makeup: Nadja Seale Make Up
Coordinator: The Wedding Warehouse Cake: The Wedding Warehouse Video: The Wedding Videographer
Bridesmaids dresses: Gelique Suspenders Groom: Colony design Invites & stationary: Design Personalised
Band/DJ: Fame productions  


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