Neil and Ruthann – Wedding


PERFECT. GODLY. ENCOURAGING. These three words sum up this couple and their wedding day. 

From the moment I met Ruthann and Neil in a coffee shop, mid 2016, I was starstruck by this extraordinary, God-fearing couple whose life and joy testified that they served their Lord Jesus wholeheartedly. They were so passionate about what they did and spoke boldly about their faith and beliefs. 

Ruthann and Neil had been working together at their practice for a couple of years when Ruthann’s parents made a comment one day, “Why don’t the two of you just get married?” Those words lead to many emotions and soon these two best friends and work colleagues started to REALLY like each other. Sometimes it just takes a wise person to point out a life-giving truth…And that was it! Only three months later we found ourselves in that coffee shop, discussing their wedding day that was set for 2017.

However, in their pursuit of purity and their mission to place God at the centre of this relationship, they called me up one afternoon to ask if we could change the engagement shoot date – 24 Sept 2016 – to their wedding date. As 1 Corinthians 7:9 says, “for it is better to marry than to burn with passion.” It is only by the grace of God that you can walk in purity, and they moved their wedding date four months earlier to help accomplish this beautiful goal.
I have told them many times that I honour them for this decision. God will bless them for this.

The wedding spoke for itself – it was beautiful in every way! Ruthann was the most peaceful bride. One of the requirements for moving the wedding date was that Neil would plan the whole wedding – and he did a pretty amazing job! Well done, brother Neil! This says a lot about his character and his love towards his new wife.

This bubbly couple has so many plans for the future – you just have to sit down with them and listen while they motivate you with every aspect of their lives. I was touched by the fact that they are part of a community where all their friends have adopted children. This is also one of Ruthann’s wishes for the near future. 

PERFECT. GODLY. ENCOURAGING. These are my three words to sum up this couple and their wedding day. 

May your life together be one big blessing!

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 Venue: Irene Dairy Farm Coordinator: Garreth Amoore   Hair: Nicky at Estetica
Cake: Victoria’s Secret Bakery and Deli   Food: Venue  Decor: Ronel Jacobs
(Colour Me Green Function Decor)
Flowers: Ronel Jacobs
(Colour Me Green Function Decor)
  Make-up: Estetica  


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