Louis and Charlotte Wedding


Charlotte and Louise had a picture perfect wedding day

They got married at “The Moon and Sixpence” Wedding venue. There were so much to love about this wedding. The weather was something ordered from heaven. The day was set with Charlotte being so calm and peaceful, but the emotions started to get real after she saw her beautiful hair done. Tears of joy was part of the day. Charlotte kept her dress a secret and was fully dressed when her bridesmaids and dad saw her for the first time. Their reaction af amazement is a moment that will stay with me forever. I had so much fun with this couple session. The photos will tell a story of true love, passion, and joy. I’m so happy to share these photos with you. I was privileged enough for the first time to work with Geraldi Spurling (the Make up Artist) and Pink Flower Production (Videographers). Thank you Charlotte and Louis, that Petru-Marti and I could be part of this very blessed day!

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