Keon and Sarah – Wedding


When I met Sarah and Keon to talk about the logistics of the wedding… Sarah was beyond prepared.


Working in the wedding industry is such a beautiful environment. People plan years and months and prepare in so many ways to make sure everything is as beautiful as it can possibly be for that special wedding day. For it only happens once… the promise, the witnesses, the legalities… and that’s why we have all the reason in the world to really go all out – for  it might just be one of the most important moments in our lives.

When I met Sarah and Keon to talk about the logistics of the wedding… Sarah was beyond prepared. She had it all planned out and she knew exactly what she wanted. It was beautiful and exciting to hear her talk about it, and to see Keon admire her for being her.

I will never forget her saying/asking me just before we left… she really needs beautiful pictures of this day, because that is all she is going to have left. I felt so honoured that she trusted me with this task.

It was a pretty amazing and stunning day. A true classical wedding. The whole family were celebrating the whole day, giving gifts and just loving each other. There were both tears of joy and a lot of laughter.

I tried my very best to capture this event for what it truly was… as it was just another wedding in the wedding industry… but for some people it was the biggest and happiest day of their lives.

Sarah and Keon… maybe these pictures will be all you have left of your special wedding day… but may they bring back the memories of what you felt and experienced on that specific day – for those are the most valuable treasures. May they remind you of your love for each other that is so visible and true.

And never stop celebrating life together as a family. It’s so inviting and fun!


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 Venue: Chez Charlene Flowers: Lavendulla Suit: The Smart Guy
Dress: Bridal Manor Hair: Women of Venus Makeup: Women of Venus
Bridesmaids dresses: The Maiden Cake: Bostin Cupcakes Video: Fluo Media
Coordinator: Wilna De Bruyn Decor: Class A Trading Chez Charlene Invites & stationary: Crazy Lemon
Band/DJ: 4 Seasons mobile disco  



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