Jean-Pierre and Talita – Wedding


They truly went the extra mile to put their fingerprint on everything.

The amount of love and preparation that went into JP and Talita’s wedding day made a great impression on me. They truly went the extra mile to put their fingerprint on everything and to make every individual guest feel special with small treats, memorabilia and love letters.

JP and Talita’s story confirms to me that God is so aware of our hearts’ desires and He is even more excited for us to receive it if He knows it would be good for us! These two certainly received their hearts’ desire and will clearly be good for each other.

JP and Talita are truly in love – the excited, doing-cute-things-to-make-the-other-one-feel-special, sparkle-in-the-eye kind of in love! It makes me excited even to talk about it.

JP was exactly the type of guy Talita had in mind to grow old with, but it was only after working together for some time that they realised she was also exactly the type of girl he had in mind! Then the romance started like something from a movie: He asked her questions about the Angry Birds game on her phone to get her attention away from work and unto him! Love truly awakes creativity in men! (I am not sure what happened to the Angry Birds, but he definitely won the Love Birds game!)

I had a wonderful time capturing this special day. The girls having fun in front of the camera, the live band and JP and Talita’s dancing were definite highlights! Through my lens I saw again in this couple how love makes us beautiful people and inspires us to serve our “better half”.

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 Venue: The Stone Cellar Flowers:  Josie Jacobs  Suit: Levis Denim + The bride’s mom
Dress: AmberRain Bridal Studio  Hair: Jewel by Luminosity  Makeup: CK makeup (Cicilia Kauffman)
Ties: Bro-Tie  Food:  The Stone Cellar  Coordinator: The bride


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