Gerrit & Emma – Wedding


One of the most beautiful things about love is that it breaks all boundaries. 

Love is not bound by skin colour, culture, age or even experience. Love just loves regardless.

This lovely couple is a testimony of just that. They are both from completely different countries and backgrounds and they found each other. They love and embrace their differences and now have the privilege to build a whole new culture together. 

Gerrit and Emma are both such lively people. They are spontaneous, fun and so comfortable in their own skin. Together they absolutely just light up a room and the look in their eyes when they make contact with each other is something to write books about.  

I loved how people from all over came together. Family and friends traveled long distances and made many arrangements…just to celebrate love. What in the world could be more worth celebrating than love. 

Gerrit and Emma – may you always celebrate your love. May you always live and make the best of every experience. May your love and adoration for each other always be a testimony to those around you. 


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