Bordeaux and Simone – Wedding


Simone as bride – from head to toe – was a true piece of art!

I almost do not know what to say about such a beautiful experience at Bordeaux and Simone’s wedding day!
As confident as I am as photographer, I cannot take much credit for these amazing images. A photographers captures what he sees, hoping for good light, beautiful weather and picturesque settings. Simone and Bordeaux did such an amazing job to put a picture-perfect day together that it made my job so easy! And for the inner beauty and joy that shine from their eyes and the amazing weather (even rain at the perfect time) – we can only give glory to God!

It was the first time I had the privilege to take pictures at the extraordinary ‘Lace on Timber’ venue. The clean look and open spaces form a perfect frame for wedding pictures, as it directs all the attention to the true subject of the day: the bride!

Bordeaux and some of his friends are in the entertainment industry and they certainly need no script to be entertaining! They could make any event something significant. Enjoying life and making it fun is fundamentally part of who they are. It is simply contagious and I had such a great laugh with them!

Simone as bride – from head to toe – was a true piece of art! Kobus Rautenbach, designer of Simone’s out-of-this-world dress, personally made sure that she was dressed to perfection! It is so inspiring to see how passionate people can be about what they do, their attention to detail and how they take joy in making other people look beautiful!
At the end of the day, amid all the style, beauty and glamour, it will be the way that Simone and Bordeaux enjoyed each other that I will remember! Bordeaux found so much more than a beautiful bride: he found family – a companion to enjoy all the days of his life with and whose inner beauty will never fade.

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 Venue/food: Lace on Timber Flowers: Pebble & Lace   Suit: David Jones
Dress: Kobus Rautenbach   Hair: Natasha, Pasqual  Makeup: Suna Ronern
Coordinator: Jeanelle   Cake: Corli Botha   Video: Heinz Boesenberg


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