Barnard Family Shoot


This is not your everyday type of family!

The one thing I love most about being a photographer is the people I get exposed to. This family shoot was another one of those occasions where I felt incredibly enriched by meeting my “subjects” and experiencing the way they do family during the hour of taking pictures. The shoot was once again followed up by a coffee and impartation from these wonderful people who are truly changing lives! 

The Barnards are not your everyday type of family. This is evident from the outside, although the genuine joy on this family’s faces comes from an inner peace and love for the Lord.

Samantha and Daniel made a beautiful impression on me and my wife by their intense level of unselfishness and the way they sacrifice themselves for those around them. They absolutely get filled up by being good to others. They are all about bringing people together, helping people feel they belong and creating a space for people to connect and just be together! Their kiddies have some special role models as parents! 

You guys truly enriched my life, Barnard family! 

If you ever feel like meeting them – go and have a great coffee at the coffee shop Grassrootz in Benoni! You will find good coffee, a chilled environment and amazing people!


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