Adrihan and Shagne – Wedding


I could not believe a beautiful place like this exists in the middle of the city!

After a rushed engagement shoot without a ring on the Monday, we celebrated the wedding on the Friday – luckily with a ring – because when you know, you know and why wait then?! Like they said on the wedding day: Shagne and Adrihan’s story makes one believe once again that God is a God of second chances – second chances in life, but also second chances in love. 

When I arrived at the venue Le Chateau I could not believe a beautiful place like this existed in the middle of the city: green gardens and tall trees, a little grapevine and a Dutch-style guesthouse.

Shagne is an extraordinary beauty – she always has been, but she transformed into an even more exquisite beauty when she started discovering her new identity. And now Adrihan gets to celebrate that beauty with her and grow together in their new life journey!  

Their heart was that the wedding day would be different from the everyday wedding. And it surely was different this time for both of them: Jesus was part of the whole day! It was because they wanted to honour Him that things happened so quickly and He received all the glory – for restoring their hearts, giving them a second chance, and blessing them with joy and love. 

Adrihan and Shagne, may you fall in love with each over and over again like you did the first time and may you keep on saying, “We don’t want to do it like all of them do it – let’s do it differently!” You are so unique. Keep allowing God to write your love story and life story!


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 Venue: Le Chateau Guesthouse Flowers: Tiena Hatting   Suit: Zara
Dress: Amber Rain Bridal Studio   Hair: Odette Joubert  Cake: Marlize @ Chillies and Cherries
Make-up: Claudeen Bodenstein    


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